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Welcome To EconPort!

EconPort is an economics digital library specializing in content that emphasizes the use of experiments in teaching and research. Content includes teaching modules, a handbook of economic and game theoretic principles and concepts, a glossary of economics terms, and an extensive collection of educational material, as well as software for running experiments. Teaching modules include: substantive coverage of a variety topics that are central to economics courses; instructions and guidance for professors who plan to use these experiments in class; suggested parameterizations for experiments; and graphical data presentation facilities. Integrated software includes applications for conducting game theory, market, and auction experiments.

The content sections offered are:

  • Experiments - A framework that allows you to conduct a variety of online economics experiments.

  • Teaching - Resources for instructors, including teaching modules centered around classroom experiments.

  • Handbook - A virtual text of microeconomics closely tied to experiments.

  • Cataloged Resources - A cataloged collection of microeconomics resources that are available on the Internet.

  • Glossary - A collection of terms covering microeconomics, experimental economics, and econometrics, among other areas.

EconPort is supported by
Experimental Economics Center
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Georgia State University
James C. Cox (Director)
J. Todd Swarthout (Operations Director)
Vjollca Sadiraj (Associate Director)
Kevin Ackaramongkolrotn (Sr. Research Associate)

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